Concrete Resurfacing Solutions

Is the concrete in front of your house looking a little worn-down? Unfortunately, everything erodes in time, even materials as strong as concrete. Replacing the entire patch of land is an option, but not always the most time and cost-efficient one.

At A Professional Painting, we are at our neighbours’ disposal to arrive at their location and check out the state of their driveway or floor and determine whether concrete floor resurfacing is an option. Know that we are honest and upfront – we’ll explain in advance what the process entails and provide a quote for our services so that you know exactly what you are getting yourself into. If you decide to proceed with outdoor concrete resurfacing, A Professional Painting team will agree on the best time to schedule the start of the project – and count on us to arrive at an agreed-upon time!

Concrete Resurfacing Benefits

Not sure you are ready for such an investment? Let us tell you precisely what you are gaining.

Concrete resurfacing is an ideal option for homes with old, damaged driveways that have become a terrible eyesore. Even if it is in a bad shape, that doesn’t mean the time has come to replace it completely – concrete driveway resurfacing will suffice in your mission to restore its original look.

By investing in exterior concrete resurfacing, you are improving the aesthetic and market value of your home. Considering, this move will not just provide a pleasant home for you and your loved ones – it will help you earn more on your house if you plan to sell it.

On the other hand, if it is the concrete flooring that needs improving, you are doing more than just boosting the appeal of the interior – you are creating a safer living or working environment.

How We Do It at A Professional Painting

A Professional Painting is at your service to help you with your next endeavour! Whether you are sprucing up your outdoors for sales or for your family to enjoy for many years, our team of experts will complete concrete floor resurfacing that will exceed your expectations.

We are extremely attentive to details and have a process set in place that proved in the past to deliver exceptional results. Our team always follies the same routine:

  • Inspect the floor or driveway to determine the irregularities that need fixing
  • Fill in all cracks and flatten any bumps that occurred over time
  • Remove any paints, sealers, glues or occurring compounds to ensure the new layer of concrete bonds properly to the surface 
  • Dampen the surface to bring it into the right condition for the resurfacing process
  • We apply the perfectly mixed concrete resurfacing solution using colouring or spray painting technique
  • After application, we add texture to prevent the surface from being too slick and remove any lines which may appear during the application process.

Note that we only use the best mixtures for the job because the goal of our exterior concrete resurfacing process is to guarantee lasting results. Our team has years of experience on concrete resurfacing in Sydney and today boast a rich portfolio of satisfied clients who improved the aesthetic appeal of their home.