Epoxy Floor Coating

A Professional Painting is your go-to provider of all painting-related services. From roof painting, gutter painting and texture coating to decorative finishes – we do it all! We never say no to a project and we are at all of our clients’ disposal, residential, commercial and industrial. 

We are proud to say that our portfolio is enriched with a long list of satisfied residential clients for whom we completed a range of services that help them streamline their in-house operations. As a part of our offering, we provide you with epoxy floor coating services in Sydney for all industrial properties.

Do I Need to Invest in Epoxy Flooring in Sydney?

If you are looking to optimise processes in an industrial property you own, then yes, you might benefit greatly from epoxy floor coating. The surface of the flooring resembles plastic and is considered highly strong, durable and stain-resistant. As such, it is ideal for industrial environments, educational facilities, healthcare facilities, factories, laboratories, garages, and warehouses where there is a high chance of daily floor damage and spillage. In recent years, we also met with a number of people who opted for epoxy floor coating for their residential property – kitchens and other living areas where they wanted a highly-resistant surface.

How We Do It

At a Professional Painting, we offer all-round epoxy floor coating services – from concrete floor preparation to the final layer of coating. We always customise our services in accordance with the client’s specific needs but usually follow a simple and proven procedure:

  • We first prepare the concrete floor by smoothening its surface
  • Next, we mix a hardening chemical with a resin
  • Finally, we use this mixture to cover the concrete, which takes a few days to harden
  • After the solution sets and turns into plastic, we apply the second and third layer.

Once the last layer of coating dries, your epoxy flooring will be ready to use for years.

Why A Professional Painting is the Best in Business

We Only Choose the Best for our Clients

To ensure the final product of our work serves its purpose for years, we utilise only the best tools and materials, from the most reputable manufacturers. We know that no matter how well we do our job, the solution we use also has to serve its purpose to the fullest capacity. 

We are Detail-oriented

When you call A Professional Painting for our epoxy floor coating services in Sydney, you can rest assured that you are getting the highest quality solution for your interior. We don’t miss even one inch of flooring and make sure the surface is covered evenly for maximum efficiency.

We are Cost-effective

Since the establishment, we always aimed to make our services affordable for everyone. The combination of our reasonable prices with the strength and durability of an epoxy floor guarantees lasting solution you will benefit from for years.

Don’t postpone investing in epoxy flooring in Sydney any longer, especially if you are running an industrial complex – optimise your work and maximise your earnings.