The Texture Coating You’ve Been Looking For

If you’re not yet familiar with the term, texture coating is the process of adding sand to a thick paint coating that already exists on its own. Texture coating is a highly popular method as it offers various finishes that differ in thickness and profile. Rendered coating, for example, combines colours and textures in various different ways.

Other texture coatings offer reasonably fine coats which produce a finish that’s similar to a painted cement render. Texture coating can be applied to many surfaces including bricks. In this case, though, it’s recommended to flush finish the joints as that allows you to see the shape of the brick through the coating.

Through all of these examples, we can see that texture coating is an extremely customisable process that allows you to tailor your home completely to your preferences and tastes. The process is most useful for exterior walls, but it can also be applied to weatherboard walls, painted brick surfaces, concrete ceilings, and internal surfaces.

In other words, you can easily improve all parts of your home with texture coating. Of course, now that you’re familiar with the process, you’ll need to know why it’s useful for you and why you should consider doing it on your property.

Easy Application

There are no special tricks and treatments needed to apply texture coating to your walls. We can easily take care of this for you without you having to worry it will take too long or cost too much. As experienced professionals, we know the best techniques for effortlessly applying texture coating.


Painting the exterior of your home with normal paint may be tempting, but it doesn’t offer the same longevity that texture coating does. This is a stronger material that doesn’t mind the sun or the rain too much, meaning that it will last you much longer than conventional paint.

Low-Cost Maintenance

Maintaining the paint on your walls can usually cost you a pretty penny, but that’s simply not the case with texture coating. As it is a more durable material, it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. Harsh weather conditions also won’t pose a problem to textured paint, and you’ll get a lot without investing too much money or resources into it.

Improved Aesthetic Appeal

With texture coating, it’s very easy to achieve that stucco look for your home we all secretly yearn for. This kind of look gives your dining room a cozy vibe or your bedroom a more dramatic element. Undoubtedly, texture coating can completely transform your home and give it a unique look you didn’t even know it could pull off.

Adding character and personality to your home has never been easier. 

Don’t be afraid to contact us about any texture coating Sydney based services you may need. No matter what state your walls are in, we’ll be able to handle them adequately. If you’re still not sure we’re the right company for the job, take a look at our qualifications below.

Years Of Experience

If there’s something that speaks of our expertise, it’s our years of experience. With so many projects behind A Professional Painting and business blooming, you can see why we’re the best around. We’ve done a lot of texture coating jobs in various areas of town, which makes us the best at providing high-quality texture coating services in Sydney.

Our experience means we’ll be able to nail every challenge you give us. Leave it to us to completely transform your commercial property into something amazing.


There’s nobody more devoted to the cause than us. We don’t do the work just because it means we can feed our family- we’re actually passionate about making your commercial property as beautiful as it can be. Our devotion is clearly displayed all around Sydney through the amazing texture coating jobs we’ve completed. There’s no colour and texture we can’t offer you.

The fact that we have so many options means that we understand just how individual every client and home is. We’ll never treat you just like you’re another buyer. Each customer is our company’s friend and we’re sure to treat you that way.

Skilled & Reliable Painters

No matter what part of the house they’re doing texture coating on, our painters are both skilled and reliable. They’ll treat the walls and other surfaces of your house as if they were their own. You can always count on them on being present and doing their job on time.

As well as that, our painters are highly skilled. This means that they’ll be able to complete any job without compromising the quality of the work, regardless of how tough it may be. You won’t find a more responsible crew anywhere in Sydney.

Our painters also know that cleaning is a hassle, which is why they’ll do their best to minimise the mess. Some sections of your home might also be cut off to ensure they stay clean and protected. Whether you’re doing texture coating inside or outside your house, we’ve got you covered.

Transparency & Honesty

Transparency and honesty are our two main slogans. You can always expect our team to tell you exactly what needs to be done and explain why without leading you on. We believe that the right way to do a project, no matter how big or small, is to be completely honest about all parts of it with the customer.

You’ll know exactly when the project will begin and when it will finish, as well as what the details of the process will entail.

As far as transparency is concerned, A Professional painting doesn’t believe in hidden costs. Before the project starts, someone will examine the premises and you’ll receive a free written quotation stating exactly how much the project will cost.

We’ll be able to come up with a price that works with your budget and won’t surprise you with any other costs. This way, you can easily get your finances in order and still afford high-quality services your business needs.